How To Create Facebook Saved Audience

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Many people argue that creating ad sets can be very time-consuming. When creating Facebook advertising campaigns many people build an audience from scratch and that is the biggest reason why you spend that amount of time.


The most common thing to do is that you build your Facebook Custom audience, your Facebook Lookalike audience, and then check age, gender etc.


Then you may need several Custom audiences for several countries and this can go back and forth for hours.

The other thing you can do is to create a Facebook Saved Audience. If you use some audiences more frequently this is the right thing to do. You will just select your saved audience and tweak it a little to match what you need.


Here is how you do that:


Creating Facebook Saved Audience

You can create a Saved Audience in two ways:


- From Scratch
- From an existing ad set


When creating from scratch just go Ads Manager > Audiences.


There click on the „Create Audience" button and select „Saved Audience" from the drop-down menu.


This is what you should get:


Udonis marketing agency - creating facebook saved audience


Now you just create that audience like you would normally do. Select any Custom Audiences, countries, age, interests etc. Then give it a name and just save it. Easy.


If you take the other way – creation from existing ad set, you will save a lot of time. First, you have to find an ad set that uses a frequent audience.


Just browse your ads and see what audiences are mostly used. Click on one of those ads and click the icon to save the audience.


It looks like this:


Udonis marketing agency - facebook saved audience button


Note: You can save your audience when creating it for the first time. Just check the box to save audience and then use it later.

Now you should have your saved audience within your „Audiences" list.


Learn more about saved audiences [here].


Using Facebook Saved Audience

You would think that using this kind of audiences is easy, but be careful, it's not that obvious at it should be. When you are creating your ad, by default you are creating a new audience.


Within the „Audience" section of your ad, next to „New audience" there is a drop-down arrow.


Click it and find your saved audiences:


Udonis marketing agency - new facebook saved audience

Note that after you selected your Facebook saved audience and clicked on „Edit Audience" you are actually editing the audience you saved earlier. All the changes will be made to your saved audience and all other ads that use that audience. Be careful.


Note: you can also exclude a saved audience, [see how].

Using saved audiences can save a lot of time but always be careful when using it.


All the changes you made to it are also automatically changed to all your ads using that audience. Best thing is to find the audiences you use frequently and create a saved audience out of them.


Experienced marketers use their fans, website visitors, Email lists or interests as assets on Facebook audiences.


It is essential to use audiences to find people's interests.  In our [research], we have you can see more about what people exactly want.


So there it is, a couple of ideas for you make.


Target your fans and use them as a Facebook saved audience for future reference. Good luck.


Also, you can check the practical use of Facebook audiences in another [case study] where we managed to get over 600% on our investment.

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