How To Share Ads Account Access On Facebook

asked on 03 April, 2018 by Matt Belick

Do you know that a big number of businesses willingly share ads account access on Facebook?


Giving your Facebook account login is not recommended and in fact - highly insecure.


In order to avoid this common mistake, we've prepared a short guide to share ads account access on Facebook.

Share Ads Account Access on Facebook

Facebook ads are a powerful way to specifically target people to get them what they want. You can read more on that in [our consumer psychology overview], but right now we will show you how to give access and manage permissions to your Facebook ads account.


After you create Facebook ad account the next step is to use it to market your products.


To give someone permission to view ad performance or to create, stop and edit ads from your Facebook page, you can share ads account access on Facebook. Essentially you give access to Facebook ads account. To add someone to your ad account:

1. Go to Account Settings in your Facebook Ads Manager.


Udonis Advertising Agency - Share ads account access - settings


2. In the Ad Account Roles section, click Add a Person.


Udonis Advertising Agency - Share ads account access - Add a person


3. Enter the name or email address of the person you want to add.

Keep in mind that you can only add your friends or people who allow you to search for them by email.


Udonis Advertising Agency - Share ads account access - Search friends by email


4. Select Ad Account Admin, Ad Account Advertiser or Ad Account Analyst and click Submit.


Udonis Advertising Agency - Share ads account access - Ad account roles


Note: People who have advertiser permissions will be able to see and edit ads using the payment method associated with the ad account.


People who have analyst permissions will only to be able to view ad performance.


Manage roles on your Facebook Ads Account

Advertising accounts have three types of admin permissions available to help you manage your account. When you give someone permission while you share ads account access, you choose what they're able to do or see by assigning them a role.


The table below outlines the 3 ad account roles (across) and what they're able to do (down):


  Admin Advertiser Analyst
View Ads
Access Reports
Create and Edit Ads  
Edit Payment Method    
Manage Admin Permissions    



Don't worry, granting people permissions to your advertising account doesn't give them permission to log in as you or see things on your profile that you haven't shared with them.

Also, you can check the practical use of Facebook ads account in our [case study] where we managed to get over 600% on our investment.

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